TRUESTONE Technology Limited was founded by a seasoned team of power system engineers and energy executives with experience in engineering, business development and executive management in energy and power sector. Our team are experienced in power development, engineering, construction, financing and strategic marketing. We have been involved in fossil energy development for over 200 combined man-years. We are entering into renewable energy industry with significant experience on energy development

Our core business function includes electrical design, structural design, product supply, installation, operation and maintenance, using Solar Photo Votaic (PV) modules. We have an added edge of strong after sales service, maintenance and repairs, which we have brought from the culture of the power industry where we previously operated. Our emphasis is on Solar Power form of renewable energy.

TRUESTONE designs, develops, constructs, operates, repairs and maintains renewable energy projects. We have the expertise and experience to complete these projects in time and within budget. We provide you with customized energy solutions and generation projects, and thereafter partner with you throughout the life span of the project.

Our solar power systems are flexible, expandable, and self-sufficient that provides tools to manage and control your own electricity costs- making electricity accessible and affordable for your needs and enable you as a net energy producer.
At TRUESTONE, we understand the challenges of providing clean and affordable electricity in areas where the electrical grid is either unstable or non-existent.